Be aware that some Wix features are not supported by SiteBehaviour. This means that SiteBehaviour cannot collect data from the following:
  • Wix Stores
  • Wix Forum
  • Wix Pro
  • Wix Events

Follow the steps below to install SiteBehaviour on your Wix site.
Step-by-Step Guide: Wix Plugin
1. Click Settings in the navigation sidebar on your Wix site dashboard.
2. Scroll down to the Advanced section, then click Custom code.
3 .Click + Add Custom Code.
4. Copy your Tracking code from your projects page
5. Return to Wix and paste the SiteBehaviour Tracking Code in the custom code text field.
6. Under the Add Code to Pages option, we recommend selecting All pages.

Selecting All pages and loading the code on each page will enable Hotjar to work as intended with session tracking occuring across your entire site instead of only a specific page.
7. Under the Place Code in option, select Head.
8. Click Apply to confirm the changes.
9. After allowing time for the update, check your site's overview page in SiteBehaviour to verify the installation
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