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Custom Charts

Elevate your data-driven decision-making with our analytics tool's custom charts feature. Tailor visualizations to your precise needs, enabling targeted representation of key metrics and fostering a nuanced understanding of your data.

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Deeper User Behaviour Analysis

Unlock a world of supplementary features designed to supercharge your analytics experience.

Tailored Visualization

In-Depth Analysis

Personalized Reporting

Flexible Visualization Options

Users can choose from a variety of visualization options, such as line charts, bar graphs, scatter plots, and more, to match the nature of their data and the insights they wish to convey.

Granular Analysis

Custom charts facilitate granular analysis by allowing users to drill down into specific details, trends, or segments within their data.

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Visualise User engagement with Click , scroll and mouse movement heatmaps.

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Screen Recordings

Watch your website come to life with our powerful Session Recordings feature.

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Customer Journey Map

Graphically see how people are navigating your website and the paths they took.

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