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Web Analytics specially designed for SAAS Founders, UI, Product and  Marketing Teams

SiteBehaviour's web analytics dashboard

Analytics Toolbox

Beyond Just Page View Stats

Gain valuable insights into user behaviour, through scroll heat maps , click heat maps and mouse movement heat maps,  allowing you to make data-driven decisions to enhance the user experience and improve overall website performance.

See recording of visitors interactions within your website to get more insights on visitor's journey.

Evaluate the conversion rates of your website and identify the specific stage where visitors are disengaging, utilizing adaptable funnels for a more dynamic analysis.

Personalize your analytics experience by incorporating custom events that hold significance for your unique requirements. Tailor the data to focus on events that matter most to you, providing a more targeted and relevant insight.

Observe users' navigation paths on your website through graphic visuals, providing a clear depiction of their interactions and journey. Gain valuable insights into user behaviour by visually tracking the routes they follow during their online experience.

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blazing fast

Real-time Stats

Live Tracking of Visitor Page Activity

Allocate efforts to high-traffic areas

Tailor campaigns to live user behavior

No Cookie Used

No cookies used to track visitors on the  website, instead we use a different method to track them anonymously

GDPR and CCPA Compliant

We're actively working towards CCPA and GDPR compliance to ensure the highest standards of data protection

Small features,
Big Impact

Small details in a product are like hidden threads, holding the tapestry of excellence together

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Mobile App Upcoming

Imagine live web traffic visible on your mobile home screen widget

Slack/Email Daily Reports

No matter if you logged into SiteBehaviour, you'll get daily reports

Flexible Filters

Filter down visitors and visits based on different criteria


Made with ❤️ for

SAAS Founders

We want to highlight that your data is yours, and we do not use it for any purpose without your explicit consent.

Marketing Teams

We’re committed to a culture of total transparency that is sensitive to diverse needs.

Product Teams

Growth-at-any-cost is a dangerous mindset that we’ve actively eschewed.

UI/UX Designers

We believe that the only way to ensure something gets done is to do it ourselves.

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