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Flexible Funnels

Evaluate the conversion rates of your website and identify the specific stage where visitors are disengaging, utilizing adaptable funnels for a more dynamic analysis.

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Increase Conversion Rates

Unlock a world of supplementary features designed to supercharge your analytics experience.


Adaptability to Changes

Multi-Path Analysis

Content and Feature Optimization

Session recordings assist in evaluating the effectiveness of specific content and features on your website.

Study every Stage

Flexible funnels allow users to tailor and define conversion stages according to specific user actions or events. This customization provides a personalized analysis of the conversion process.

Get complete visibility and control


Visualise User engagement with Click , scroll and mouse movement heatmaps.

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Screen Recordings

Watch your website come to life with our powerful Session Recordings feature.

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Customer Journey Map

Graphically see how people are navigating your website and the paths they took.

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