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Real Time Stats

Harness the power of real-time analytics for proactive content optimization, responsive strategy adjustments, and swift issue resolution. Keep your digital presence agile, informed, and finely tuned to meet the ever-evolving expectations of your audience.

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Deeper User Behaviour Analysis

Unlock a world of supplementary features designed to supercharge your analytics experience.

Immediate Performance Monitoring

Agile Decision-Making

Dynamic Content Optimization

Instantaneous Monitoring

Geographical details empower businesses to run targeted advertising campaigns, ensuring that promotions and content are tailored to the preferences and interests of specific regions.

Dynamic Content Adaptation

Real-time stats empower businesses to dynamically adapt content based on immediate user interactions . This includes adjusting marketing strategies, updating promotions, and tailoring website content to align with the immediate needs and preferences of users, fostering a more engaging online experience.

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Visualise User engagement with Click , scroll and mouse movement heatmaps.

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Screen Recordings

Watch your website come to life with our powerful Session Recordings feature.

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Customer Journey Map

Graphically see how people are navigating your website and the paths they took.

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