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Dynamic Heatmaps

Click heatmaps show red spots where people click a lot. Scroll heatmaps use colors to show how far down people scroll. Hover heatmaps light up where the mouse moves, indicating where users are looking

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Increase Conversion Rates

Heatmaps visually display areas of a webpage that attract the most user engagement. Our tool can supercharge your analytics experience through :

Scroll Heatmaps

Click Heatmaps

Mouse Movement Heatmaps

User Behavior Analysis

Heatmaps provide insights into user behavior by showing the frequency and intensity of clicks or interactions on specific elements of a webpage. This analysis can help optimize the placement of important elements, such as buttons or links, to align with user preferences and improve overall usability.

Scrolling Patterns

Scroll maps, a type of heatmap, reveal how far users scroll down a webpage Cooler colors at the bottom may suggest that users are not reaching the end of the page, prompting a need for adjustments in content placement or design

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Visualise User engagement with Click , scroll and mouse movement heatmaps.

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Screen Recordings

Watch your website come to life with our powerful Session Recordings feature.

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Customer Journey Map

Graphically see how people are navigating your website and the paths they took.

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