This article steps through how to install your SiteBehaviour Tracking Code on your Shopify site.

The built-in Shopify checkout doesn't allow any third-party scripts like SiteBehaviour to be installed.

Step-by-Step Guide: Shopify Plugin
1.Go to your SiteBehaviour Projects page and click on Install tracking code for your site.
2. Click on Add code manually.
3 .Click on Copy to copy the Tracking Code to your clipboard.
4. Visit your Shopify Admin dashboard.
5. Click on Online Store, then click on Themes.
6. On your current theme, click on Actions and then select Edit code.
7. Within the Layout folder, click on theme.liquid
8. Scroll down the theme.liquid page until you've found the </head> closing tag.
9. Click on Save to apply the changes.
10. To install the Tracking Code on your order status page, inside the Shopify Admin sidebar click on Settings.
11. Click on Checkout.
12. Scroll down until you reach the Order status page scripts section. Paste the Hotjar Tracking Code in the text field.
12. Click Save.
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